Quality Materials

Premium Canvas Textured Wallpaper

Déco & Co. wallpapers provide a textured finish. The vibrancy of colours ensure that your walls tell a visually great story. Installed using the traditional method of applying a mixture of paste & adhesive and voila - your walls are a sight for sore eyes.

  • Durable Texture
  • Water Resistant
  • Green Colours
  • No overlap on joints
  • Installation with paste & adhesive


Delicate & Natural Fibre Wallpapers

The Déco & Co. team are experienced in installing all wall-coverings from standard paper-based wallpapers to the most delicate and demanding, including:

  • Hand painted wallpaper, including bespoke chinoiserie
  • Paper-backed fabrics such as silk and linen
  • Metallic papers
  • Sea Grasscloth, and other natural fibre wallcoverings
  • Digital print and wide-vinyls
  • Textured
  • Self adhesive 3D
  • Commercial Vinyl
  • Wet system wallpaper ( Glamora and Wall déco )


Déco & Co. proudly supplies the following premium wallpaper brands:

  • Cole and Son - UK
  • Adawall - Turkey
  • Milton and King - USA
  • Thibault and Anna French - USA
  • Coordonnée - France
  • Glamora - Italy