Déco & Co.: Get Customised Wallpaper for Your Project in Australia

Decorating the perfect office or commercial space requires specific attention to detail! You can hire an interior designer to help you design your space, but one of the most important aspect of this process, is customising the design and layout of your space to include exactly what you need in your office or comm­­­ercial space and give it a personalized look and feel.

The choice of furniture can be the best on the market, but if you pick the wrong paint or wallpaper for the walls, the overall setting will not be cohesive. When it comes to sourcing your perfect or customised wallpaper design, first you must find a trusted and experienced wallpaper installers Melbourne , the team at Deco & Co. are at your service!



Once your wallpaper has been ordered, it usually takes 2-4 days to prepare your order. If you have any image or design in mind, keep it saved as a reference. In the case that you cannot find the perfect wallpaper selection from our huge collection, you can provide us with your desired design and we will do our best to source it for you. Before getting started, ensure that the company you choose for getting the wallpaper customised or installed is experienced in this field.



Wallpaper can cost you a lot if it is installed in a wrong manner. If you are looking for a wallpaper shop Sydney who you can trust and assign the job of making and installing the wallpaper, check out the experienced team Déco & Co.



Déco & Co. is a promising company which was started by Jean-Yann Sandie 10 years ago.  Specializing in wall aesthetics, Déco & Co. have installed a huge range of  wallpapers on projects big and small.



For a customised wallpaper, all you need to do is pick a wallpaper of your choice from their collection or if you have a custom image in mind that you want as your wallpaper, you can send it to us for customisation. Then the next step is to measure the wall size of your project and send the details to us.



The professionals at Déco & Co. are known for completing every job on time and to the highest of standards. The custom wallpaper murals are flawlessly installed by Déco & Co. So, stop thinking and place your customized quality wallpaper order in Sydney or Melbourne today!



For more information, visit www.decoandco.com.au